Bespoke wooden pepper mills

I always seem to carry on about my own mumblings, musings and rantings. So I decided to broaden my horizons and mention other happenings in and around my life as well as cooking and gardening.

A fine array of pepper mills

And the pepper mill enters into the general ambit of gardening and cookage. And this is a better place for this wee article than on my other blog.

A little while ago when it was still cold and we had to have a wood burning stove in the workshop, the hunter-gatherer started turning his hand to the making of pepper mills. I have been impressed ever since. Each one is different, because that’s the nature of handmade items. And the Crushgrind® mechanism is much better than the traditional screw-down one I had hitherto used. So, of course, I now have a pepper grinder in walnut and a salt grinder in tulip wood. Very nice too!!

Just after my walnut grinder had been made and presented to the kitchen I had occasion to visit my dentist for that regular check up. While reclining in THE chair waiting for him to do something to prop my poor teeth up for the coming year, I rattled on about how wonderful these mills were and how well they worked. The dentist promptly ordered one to be made just for him.

The comparison says it all. 20″ next to 9″

Well, as a first commission, it was amazing. He wanted a solid wood 20” pepper mill to be able to flourish it during dinners both out and about and in his own kitchen. H-G made the mill from sapele and it is magnificent piece of functional art. The dentist was over the moon when he took charge of the mill and he certainly has the art of flourishing pepper mills down pat. This he demonstrated most ably for us in the waiting room and to the amusement of all and sundry.

In the meantime, the photographer who made a portfolio of the mills for our new web site and a photo wallet for my marketing use decided that he and his wife really wanted a pair of mills for salt and pepper. He was delighted with his mills and promptly took a photograph of them for my wallet.

Both of these are Oak

Then there was a commission for another pair in a different style and in different wood types to indicate salt and pepper.   Ash and walnut seem to look rather well as salt and pepper mills.

Two more commissions for two pairs of mills and it is a good thing the weather took a swing for the better. H-G was out in the workshop quite a lot during this time and cold was the last thing he needed.

The last pair has just been completed and now all the mills are proudly displayed in the sitting room on my father’s intricately carved drinks cabinet.

I have been out with samples and talking to some good kitchen shops and country restaurants with farm larders and shops attached. So I am discovering Scotland in my own fashion with pepper mills in tow. There is quite an array of styles and it is interesting keeping a record of the styles that various people choose to have made.

The web site is up and running although it is still under construction and needs a few more pages added. Should be a good summer all round. The garden is taking shape so kitchen produce will be forthcoming and the pepper mills most definitely have come forth.

My favourite small pepper mill in walnut.


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