Chicken Pies x 2 versions

WW likes food unadulterated with onions and too many flavours, so these days, I often make two different variations on a theme. And this is a case in point.

I had seven boned chicken thighs in the fridge and decided that they might do well in a pie. I sliced them into largish slices and fried them in some oil. I finished up the assorted mushrooms also in the fridge; sliced them fairly thickly and fried them separately. Then added chicken and mushrooms together and then left to settle.

Chicken & Mushrooms with spices & lemon

I like bacon and onions, garlic and ginger plus mixed vegetables whereas WW preferred the idea of chicken and mushrooms in a lemon flavoured white sauce in a puff pastry bedded and lidded pie.

So let the cooking begin!

Chicken thighs sliced thickly. I had seven of them.
As many mushrooms as you like also sliced thickly. I had a mixture of chestnut, baby button and field mushrooms.
Some ground cumin and turmeric with S&P to taste. I add a little chicken stock powder as well.

Fry the meat and add the seasonings towards the end and add a very good splash of lemon juice.

Fry the mushrooms in a little oil and add a tbsp water to keep them moist.

When cooked add the two ingredients together and cool. Then lift out with a slotted spoon and place in a holding dish. Reserve the cooking liquid. Add 2 good tbsps of Nando’s Lemon and Herb Marinade and mix well. Pour into a gravy jug to add to the white sauce later.

½ red capsicum sliced thinly.
2 med. cibouli onions sliced lengthwise and sliced to a moderate width.
Some bacon – as much as you like cut finely, I always keep some bacon pieces for this sort of use.
Whatever vegetables you love sliced finely. I had carrots, corn kernels and peas.
Some powdered garlic and ginger.
Dried dill, dried parsley flakes.

Sir-fried veges ready to mix with chicken

Stir fry the vegetable mixture and bacon with seasonings and a little of the reserved liquid. Let rest until cool. Add enough of the chicken and mushroom mixture to fill a smallish pie dish. The rest of the chicken and mushroom mix will go into another pie dish as is.

Make a roux using about 30gm butter. Melt and stir in a rounded tbsp of plain flour, some S&P with a touch of chicken stock powder. Use milk to start the sauce then use the reserved liquid together with more added milk to make a good thickish sauce. It should taste nicely lemony.

Fresh Puff pastry ready rolled and chilled. About 250gm. Roll out to increase size for the pastry needed. I always have some left over at the end.

WW opted for a pastry base for his pie so I cooked that and cooled everything down. Filled both pie dishes with the two different mixtures and poured over the white – well yellowish and lemony – sauce and used a beaten egg to seal the pastry tops onto the pastry base and, in the other case, to the pie dish itself. Created decorative pastry bits and cut some vents to allow for escaping steam, brushed the pastry with the rest of the egg and put the pies in the oven at 200°C.

I forgot to take a photo until we had consumed half the pies – hahaha. So here are the other halves.

The pies less eaten:-)


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