Gardening is not far off

I am looking forward to getting out into the rather messy gardens I left at the end of last year. I had planted the bulbs in September/October and had forgotten the others. I did do a bulk planting in December and tried to get every bulb that had been bought with willful disregard for the planting regime but I missed some – they are now sprouting in places where I never intended they should.

The western garden – on Carmen’s fence (our west side neighbour) – looks a bit bedraggled although the Muscari shoots are on their way and I can see the hyacinth shoots pushing their determined way through the top soil. It will be a purple garden because I can see the purple flowers of Vinca minora  (The lesser periwinkle) starting to spread across the landscape. The two horizontal Ceonanthus have recovered from their being transplanted. They have new and shiny deep green leaves that smack of adaptation. And good on them!! I planted a dozen or so snowdrops and there are three flowers up already. The purple hyacinth bulb shoots are pushing determinedly up through the soil and I can’t wait for their colour.

I mentioned earlier that I had transplanted several dozen Ajuga reptans given to me by a friend last year. They seem to have taken well and should provide a good ground cover with their deep red/purple leaves, and in summer, their soldier like purple flower spikes. I am hoping this colour themed garden will be a success. Still looking bare but ...

Gardening is going to become more difficult because I am one year older and I am starting to feel a wee difficulty squatting down to weed and to plant. I am sure I will be able to continue, albeit with careful consideration.

I will post some salubrious photos in the next month. I can only post a bedraggled one now. Sob!


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