Salmon & Creme Fraiche on Basmati


Easy, simple and delicious

Easy, simple and delicious

This was a quickly cobbled together meal for one. I had bought a smoked salmon steak, nice and thick that needed a microwave or an oven. I opted for the microwave. I can be a thoroughly modern Millie sometimes 🙂

I also had a packet of 2min microwavable basmati rice. My oven top is an induction one and I can’t cook good steamed rice on it. For that I need a proper gas cooker. I haven’t ever had a rice cooker like my sister used when she was feeding four people. Besides she didn’t use polished rice. So, this became Millie’s meal.

I can eat rice day in and day out, so when I found there was a product on the market manufactured by several different companies but going under the generic name of 2-minute rice, I made sure that I had several packets on hand in the larder drawer for all situations.

Anyway, having prepared the rice, I spooned some into a bowl and laid the salmon on top. There wasn’t much juice from the salmon so I drizzled some lemon and herb dressing over it and the rice. Spooned a lot of crème fraiche over the salmon and added some wilted baby spinach on the side. Some chopped dill and parsley and a sprinkle of black pepper and the plate looked great.

I adore wilted spinach so I knew I was about to enjoy a finely flavoured meal. The salmon was great, the crème fraiche was piquant and dill is always perfect with fish (and most other foods too).

Quick and very easy.



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