Chicken Breasts with Leek & Spinach in Creamy Mushroom on Linguine


This was a lovely mild flavoursome dish

This was a lovely mild flavoursome dish

I could have made my made-up name of this even longer! I think I have said how much I love spinach and leek together. I was watching the primates at Monkey Park in Dorset today. Animal Planet was showing sequential episodes – so I spent a few very satisfying hours while intermittently pondering what to eat tonight.

We are going away for a short break to York tomorrow and I wanted to use up as much of the fridge contents as possible.

I had rescued some chicken breasts from our local Co-op food store and needed to cook them today. I had leeks (always) and baby spinach leaves (I would go mental if I didn’t have any in the fridge). I also had a mixture of button and chestnut mushrooms and some double cream that needed using. Also some dry white wine (ahem!) to make a creamy sauce.

Chicken pieces marinating & other ingredients

Chicken pieces marinating & other ingredients

This little recipe and its variations must pop up all over the place but here’s how this one transpired.

1 chicken breast halved – both halves thinly sliced
1 pkt Cup-a-Soup– Chicken & Leek
1 leek sliced thinly both white and green parts
As much baby spinach as you like
Garlic – I love garlic but no overpowering needed here – 1 clove finely chopped
Ginger – chopped – not too much maybe ½ a knuckle
Linguine or tagliatelle

The Sauce

Double cream
Dry white wine
Butter & Oil
Mushrooms sliced not too finely and make it a mixture if possible – again, as many as you like
Parsley & Dill if you like (I do)

Make the Cup-s-Soup up in a 250ml cup and let it stand till cool while slicing the chicken into thinnish strips.

Add to the chicken slices and leave it for an hour – this is an experiment after all.

Fry the marinated chicken in a deep saucepan in some butter for 15mins on a medium heat. The soupy mixture will thin out and may well need some cornflour to thicken the juices.

Cook the pasta as per the packet – I have yet to make my own pasta – a young friend of mine has posted on facebook her (successful) attempt at performing this procedure.

Fry the leek, garlic and ginger in a mixture of butter and oil. Add a couple of tbsp water (if necessary), some white wine and then put the spinach leaves in, cover and let it sweat on a low heat for 4mins.

I can accept but not understand why some people don't like spinach

I can accept but not understand why some people don’t like spinach

The Sauce

Melt some butter and add some oil in a wide saucepan. Put the mushroom in with some freshly ground black pepper. Gently fry the sliced mushrooms for maybe 5-10mins. Add some white wine, fresh chopped parsley and salt to taste. Then add the double cream and cook until the sauce thickens. I really like the taste of dill and usually add some together with the parsley. But that’s my taste.

Pile the cooked linguine in a bowl and add the chicken and the leek mixture and pour the sauce over. Enjoy this – it is worth it. You can add heat in the form of chopped green chillies or something like a Nando Green Chilli Sauce. I have also thought that dry toasted pine nuts would be a nice added flavour.

It’s a pretty nice meal.


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