Pork Strips with Mango & Ginger

Using pork steaks untrimmed but sliced finely is a quick and easy way to stir fry the meat. The larder has been getting a bit of a clean out lately, mainly because winter has returned with a vengeance and with snow! Not that I mind snow; I actively love it. It is the dreich days with bitter wind, sleet and low cloud that keep me indoors. So the larder and the freezer have been the mainstay of cooking. It’s good because all the ingredients bought in a flash of enthusiasm often end up sitting in their containers in larder and freezer looking unappreciated for far too long. After all, we are subject to fads and favourites!!

The larder disgorged some very useful additions to this dish

The larder disgorged some very useful additions to this dish

A while back I found a couple of bottles in the supermarket that were dressings. One was a mango & ginger dressing meant for a salad. I thought it sounded just right for a pork stir fry. Pork is such a sweet meat and juicy if left untrimmed. I liberated a pork steak from the icy confines of the freezer and let it defrost in the fridge. I even felt virtuous.

Some vegetables, seasonings and oils and we had the makings of a dish. You could use whatever vegetables you have on hand and cut to cook at stir fry pace. I did have some spring onions but will use them tomorrow night. Alternatively cibouli onions would do well. Brown onions would be too strong, I think and red onions wouldn’t really work either. But, of course, this choice is up to the individual.

I didn’t have any water chestnuts in the larder, but I quite like the thought of adding them. Add sliced bamboo shoots if you have them. Sliced green capsicum would be good.

This recipe shows the quantities for one serving.


1 pork steak untrimmed and sliced into strips
1 leek cut into ½cm slices
1 clove garlic finely chopped
2 big handfuls baby spinach leaves
1 green chilli sliced finely. I still have some frozen in ice cube trays
½ knuckle of ginger sliced finely
½teasp chicken stock powder. I use Knorr
½teasp ground coriander or 2 coriander plants chopped – leaves, stalks and root
2-3tbsp Mango & Ginger dressing – or something similar
½-1teasp hot & spicy green habanero sauce
Biggish splash dry white wine
Hokkien Noodles, cooked or a pre-cooked packet – which is what I used
1½tbps garlic flavoured oil mixed with sunflower oil
Smallish knob of butter to finish
Salt & Pepper – I used Szechuan pepper. WW has made some P&S shakers and we filled the pepper shaker with a mixture of ground peppers, one of which was Szechuan with some white and black as well. We didn’t have any green or red pepper corns but they will find their way into the larder.

The Ash and Walnut P&S shakers. Lovely pieces.

The Ash and Walnut P&S shakers. Lovely pieces.


Heat the wok – I have a wok that is deep and small with a flat base because I have an induction hob. It is sufficiently worn in to have become my favourite. Add the oils, salt and the chicken stock powder. When hot, pour in the pork, chilli and leek. Stir fry on a moderate heat for 1min.

My favourite wok

My favourite wok

Add the garlic, ginger, ground coriander (or chopped root & stems) and stir. Add the dressing and sauce. This turns into a smooth cooking sauce to which you can add the splash of dry white. Reduce if necessary.I didn’t have to and in any case, you don’t want to overcook the stir fry.

Pour in the cooked Hokkien noodles and the spinach leaves. Stir to coat everything and let simmer for 2mins. Add the pepper and the butter with one final stir and ladle out into a bowl to serve.

A filling, flavoursome and light meal

A filling, flavoursome and light meal


2 responses to “Pork Strips with Mango & Ginger

  1. Your pork stir fry sounds delicious.

  2. It certainly was. I don’t eat much red meat but prefer chicken, pork and seafood. I love vegetables though 🙂

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