Raised Vege Beds & a Timber Deck

This suits the summerhouse well

This suits the summerhouse well

Well, despite the snow and ice, the days are lengthening and the bulbs are flowering. And I have a new deck extension and two raised vegetable beds. The sun bathed us all in its glow on the 28th March and the dwarf irises opened themselves to the day. And now the daffodils are ready to pop open with their beautiful yellow trumpets.

Gardening is becoming fun again – the sun is out, the wind is from the east though so it’s still chilly. However, I have planted some purple clematis on the west fence and sowed a zigzag row of first early Kelvedon dwarf peas in one of the new raised beds, fondly christened the cemetery.

Easy to walk around & work with

Easy to walk around & work with

I have taken my strawberries out from the cold frame and sat the pots and trays on the other bed. I haven’t decided whether to plant them in the bed or a strawberry planter of which I have one.

I know that strawberries don’t really need overwintering under cover because I didn’t get them all out of the ground last year and the plants remaining outside, uncared for have shown themselves to be remarkably hardy.

Looking a regal purple!

Looking a regal purple!

The west garden is looking wonderful. Not a scrap of grass left. It really is on the way to being a proper garden now. All the ajuga retpans survived the winter and have perked up. The purple Aubrieta are peeping through the purple Vinca minor and the dwarf irises edge the bed nicely. I shifted the Hellebore from the east to the west garden just near the wild bird feeding station and it hasn’t noticed the shift. I bought some purple clematis so that in a couple of years, they will have climbed the dividing fence and hopefully will make a stunning backdrop to the west garden.

The area surrounding the little shed at the back has always looked messy, so I am about to remove the ugly remains of a Buddleja and fill that fence in with honeysuckle and jasmine. I have both the cold frames down there where they catch the morning sun. The compost bins are there as well and some bricks I hope to utilise as edging somewhere.

I do love the raised vege beds and the cement slabs surrounding them – recycled from under the conservatory. All bodes well for the summer in case we have one.

my little temporary dumping ground

my little temporary dumping ground

The two decks enclose a useful planting area – I say useful because I can dump soil from pot plants and excess plants that need a home for a while. I have planted two Hamamelis shrubs in the vacant space. Bulbs, more bulbs and other ‘stuff’, primrose and bits and pieces.

The WW has made me two planters from the left over decking that look very smart and sit well on the decks. They will be filled, of course.


8 responses to “Raised Vege Beds & a Timber Deck

  1. What a lovely area…enjoy spring.

  2. Thank you – I promise you I will 🙂

  3. I do not know when the planters were built. But p. t. wood in general is not safe for planting edibles, better wait at least one year for chemical to come out. — You can plant annuals for the first year.

  4. Don’t worry mf&f. The wood is fine, not treated with CCA or anything. It is not heat dried and won’t hurt. It will leach its own chemicals but that’s not a problem really. I have just put the strawberries in. The peas aren’t up yet. I want to plant some cibouli onions as well.

  5. That’s all looking very impressive, V – putting us to shame! I love the use of wood everywhere; it looks so natural and is very attractive. Makes me realise how shoddy our garden is looking 😦

  6. Oh Karen, it is only because it was finished less than two weeks ago. The wood needs preservative on it. The plantings won’t really look good for a year or so. I love the vege beds that your HG has made. You have so much more space.

    Besides you have a poly tunnel and SHEEP!! I should have come up to you when the lambs started 🙂

  7. It’s good to see you have as much bare soil as me – plus you like moving things about. I feel much better now, almost normal 🙂

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