Spring Lamb with Sweet Potato

There’s nothing quite like the taste of lamb. And it is finally spring, so why not! I had bought some sweet potato for roasting a few nights back and had one left over. There were some mushrooms and a set of different coloured sweet peppers (capsicum).

With no further ado let’s cook:

I used:

400g lamb steaks cubed (you can trim them of fat if you prefer – I don’t prefer)
1 medium sized orange sweet potato cubed
3 or more chestnut mushrooms cut into small cubes
10 cherry tomatoes halved
½ a red capsicum sliced thickly
½cup of Passata
1 lamb cube dissolved in ¼litre boiling water
A very good pinch of salt and dried thyme. Sometime ago when in the throes of wandering through kitchen stores, I found a salt, pepper and thyme mixture which I never use much of but it is a flavoursome addition to stews etc.
A decent sprinkle of powdered red pepper or chilli
Garlic and ginger in the quantities you like
Cornflour and water to thicken the juices

I decided to put this on rice and make a pea puree to go with it. I already have a Kenwood blitzer but last week in Aldi I came across a wee blitzer and bought it very spur of the moment. So that is what I will use to puree the peas.

The Puree:
250g frozen peas cooked for 2 minutes or so
1 tbsp chopped mint – when I had the raised vege beds made I had to make a home for some of the herbs – here they are. The rest are in the front garden.

They survived the transplant

They survived the transplant

1½ tbsp grated Parmesan cheese
Salt and a little balsamic vinegar if so inclined

How to do it:

Heat 1½tbsp olive oil and brown the lamb cubes. Tip into a lidded casserole and then fry the cubed sweet potato in another 1tbsp olive oil until just starting to soften – about 5 minutes, stirring constantly.

Tip the potato into the casserole and add the passata and salt/thyme mixture. Stir well.

Now fry the mushrooms, garlic and ginger in a little oil, add the lamb stock and tip into the casserole.

I put the lid on after this.

I put the lid on after this.

Add the capsicum and halved tomatoes to the casserole.

Taste. It may need some more pepper. I ground some black pepper into it at this stage.

Put the lid on and let the whole mixture stew on a small heat for about ¾ hour.

In the meantime make the pea puree.

The baby blitzer ready to puree the peas

The baby blitzer ready to puree the peas

Boil the peas and drain them. Blitz them with the other ingredients and return to a saucepan to reheat when you are ready to serve.

I served with steamed white rice. The wee blitzer was perfect!

Yummy. Tucked right in!

Yummy. Tucked right in!



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