Stir-fried Spiced Chicken Slivers with Oriental Veges

Quick, tasty & nutritious

Quick, tasty & nutritious

I used an oriental bean stir-fry mix from Asda comprising bean sprouts, edamame beans, red peppers, shaved carrots and Chinese cabbage. I added a finely sliced mushroom and some leeks with some cut asparagus spears.

I sliced a chicken breast very finely – it’s pretty easy to do when the chicken is still half frozen. The quantities don’t really matter that much – it depends on how many you are feeding. I was only feeding me and the photos show quantities for one plus some left-overs for the evening.

The spicy marinade I used was a suggestion from an fb  correspondent on a comment thread extolling the virtues of turmeric. It is part of the ginger family  – Zingiberaceae. It’s tropical and grows wild and in gardens throughout Mullumbimby where I used to live. I grew it with several other gingers for culinary purposes. All ginger plants are very easy on the eye as well.

Anyway here is the spice mix. I just shook an even amount of all three spices into a small bowl and added enough lemon juice and olive oil to make a squishy paste.

Turmeric Powder
Ground Coriander
Red Chilli Powder
Olive Oil
Lemon juice

I smothered the chicken in the marinade and left it for about an hour.

Marinating happily in spice

Marinating happily in spice

I knew the chicken would take about four minutes to cook so the vegetables have to be cut finely enough to also cook for about 4 minutes.

Heat up some sunflower oil in a wok and add the chicken at quite a high heat so that the meat browns evenly. This requires constant stirring until the chicken is cooked but not burnt. Remove and set aside.

Any vegetables you like - cut finely

Any vegetables you like – cut finely

The vegetables can be whatever you prefer. I used some of the oriental bean stir-fry mix plus mushroom, leek and asparagus. I cut the asparagus spears into three sections and covered with boiling water for about six or so minutes to soften them.

Add more oil and heat. Pour in all the vegetables and stir to coat them. Cover the pan for four minutes but stir frequently so the vegetables don’t burn. Towards the end of cooking add ½ clove minced garlic plus several drops of sesame oil and season with pepper and salt. Add back the chicken and heat through. There is not much sauce with this so if you like, add a sauce of maybe soy, chicken or vegetable stock. You can add more heat as well.

I served this with a fine egg pasta and added a real favourite of mine – Nando’s Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Peri peri marinade. Well – I use it as a sauce.



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