Spicy Cherry Tomato Jam

There have been so many cherry tomatoes that if I didn’t do something with them, they would be lost. We couldn’t eat them fast enough.

So I googled Tomato Jam and lo! Recipes galore from which to choose. I eventually decided to use the base of a recipe from Delicious Magazine.

Delicious Magazine

Delicious Magazine

2 tsp ground cumin
2 tsp ground coriander
750g ripe cherry tomatoes halved
2 onions, finely chopped – I used echalion shallots otherwise known as cibouli onions
2 garlic cloves crushed
2 large mild red chillies, de-seeded and finely chopped
5 cm piece fresh ginger grated
250 ml white wine vinegar
300g soft light brown sugar
2 tsp fish sauce (nam pla)

I whizzed the onion and some of the vinegar together with a couple of teaspoons of bottled chopped chillies that were in the fridge.

Echalion or cibouli onions

Echalion or cibouli onions

I used ground spices instead of whole seeds because I haven’t a mortar or grinder and I did have bottles of spices. I had a tube of garlic paste and a bottle of ginger paste in the fridge and used them rather than having to go out and buy fresh.

I had some distilled malt vinegar and the remains of some white wine vinegar and so I mixed them together. I also tasted this as it was cooking and realised that it needed some salt and lemon juice. So I added that and kept tasting until it tasted less sweet but spicier. I added several drops of Nando’s hot peri-peri sauce to lift the flavour a bit. The fish sauce added at the end is a lovely soupcon of finishing flavour that makes the jam.

Dry toast the cumin and coriander for a minute over low heat until aromatic.
In a largish wide pan put the tomatoes and onions – whizzed if that’s what you do – the garlic and ginger and chillies. Add the spices, vinegar and sugar. Bring it all to the boil and then simmer until reduced to a jam-like consistency. I was stirring this mixture quite a bit and first added some salt, re-taste, lemon juice, re-taste, Nando’s sauce, re-taste. When it is just about right, tasting good and reduced way down, add the nam pla and cook for another couple of minutes.

This quantity made 4 smallish jars of varying sizes. I sterilised the jars in the oven at 130ºC for 30 minutes and boiled the lids for about 10 minutes on the stove. Spoon the jam into hot jars and seal. Let cool, label and store. This is a lovely jam – my neighbours all liked it and since I had scrounged for an empty bottle, I gave back the bottle full of jam. Win win.

Passes the taste test

Passes the taste test


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