Gardener Gardening

This could be me!

I have loved gardening and cooking, preserving and processing most of my adult life.

I like talking and writing about the way I used to grow food in Mullumbimby, NSW and how I now (try to) grow food in Fife, Scotland.

This blog is about my love of food, gardening and writing about it. And learning along the way.

I have gardened in Mediterranean climates at 32ºS, the sub tropics at 29ºS and now in Scotland at 56ºN. Scotland is very challenging! I have to change and adapt everything I have ever learned about gardening to become a successful grower in this country.

Outdoor hydroponic tables growing loose leaf lettuce and pak choi – my farm at Yankee Creek

So I am going to record recipes that I have used and made over the years with gardening stories that led to the making of recipes.

I hope that when you visit this blog, you may find something that interests you. Everyone is more than welcome to add his/her own stories about growing and cooking so do visit soon and often.

Commenting is enabled easily and please use the follow button for notifications. Enjoy – mind you I may take some time to get enough posts up so I would love for you to add your stories.


2 responses to “About

  1. I’m happy to have discovered your blog as I enjoy gardening and cooking like yourself.

  2. Then I am as happy as are you Karen. I love that it is finally spring and all the plants are sniffing the air in joy 🙂

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